Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Crystalized Obession

Hey Loves! As most of you know, I am in love with the Etsy Shop--> Crystal Stylez. And although I have yet to officially introduce this company, most of you are well aware of my fondness for them. Here are the 3 Latest additions to Crystal Stylez and my Latest Obsessions:)

1) Locked Up chain Earrings   ($25)

Locked Up Chain Earrings

I recently fell in love with these while viewing OneBKDiva 's recent Youtube Video--> Check it out for yourself and see OneBKDiva rocking them, while looking gorgeous and Talking about some Interesting but Weird Facts.

2) Basketball Wives Inspired Chocolate Bliss  ($25)

Basketball Wives Inspired Chocolate Bliss

Aren't this just amazing? They look so gorgeous and will definitely make you sparkle. These are a definite MUST HAVE! :)

3) Basketball Wives Inspired Golden Glory  ($25)

Basketball Wives Inspired Golden Glory

This lovely shade of brown will definitely make you feel like the Queen of the Ball when wearing the simplest of clothes or preparing for a night out.

For more info on these or others simply Head on over to and BUY YOURS NOW!
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