Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just An Update

Hello Lovelys! You may wonder where I've been and although my last post stated a bit, I shall explain. I've had a few major events. First of all, I moved. An aspect that certainly took plenty out of me. Most notably due to the lack of planning. It was more or so a  spur of the moment thing. Nevertheless, something exciting. Secondly, as a result of the move, I lost my Wifi. Yes, the world has officially ended! How will I ever stay up to date on all things Kardashian?! Is a question I've never asked! But all jokes aside, I believe I've managed quite well. The only thing I do miss is blogging and well daily interaction. So please don't feel neglected. I try my best to check in on Twitter. Feel free to tweet me (@MAKEmeUPLamour) Which brings me to my next topic, #BirthdayChat ! Yes! It's my first ever #BirthdayChat, proudly being held on my Birthday (March 1st) Feel free to join me for a day of fun with a Q&A as well as a possible UStream. Be prepared with questions and Don't forget to include the hashtag #BirthdayChat. I look forward to reading and answering your questions. Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for new posts. Xoxo MAKEmeUPLamour