Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Be Stylish With Some Help From Blingcases.com

Looking to be stylish? Need great quality at excellent prices? If you answered yes, then I have just the thing for you http://www.blingcases.com/ For those of you unaware, Blingcases.com is the leader in stylish and trendy cases. Don't believe me? Simply take a look at their wide variety of affordable and stylish cases HERE

(Left to Right) Heart Pink Bling Case-Freeform 2 & Vine Black Bling Case-Freeform 2 [[To view Full Description, Or for Better Pictures, Simply Click on the Corresponding Name.]]
Now onto the Review :) 
After 2 months of Rocking these stylish Cell phone Cases, I am now finally ready to share my thoughts with all of you. And although they may not all be great, they are true. Shall we begin with their Customer Service? Overall their Customer Service was beyond excellent, it was simply Marrrvelous Darrrling :) I have no complaints about that, however when it came to shipping I wasn't so impressed. More like frustrated. For it took almost a month to arrive,and although everything was in tip top shape it seemed a bit too long for me. As far as packaging, I wasn't so impressed either but I did like the use of Styrofoam Peanuts instead of bubble wrap. It's a nice change from the usual. Don't you agree?

As for what I received, well...
Two Cases: Heart Pink Bling Case-Freeform 2 & Vine Black Bling Case-Freeform 2 (As Seen Above),  Business Cards, as well as Sweet Talk Wipes.

As far as the quality of the cases go, they are surprisingly durable. Though at times, they are quite difficult to take off that's no big issue. These cases are truly made to last, and for those of you wondering, most of the rhinestones are still on. Except for the bottom right corner which were lost during the Terrible July Struggle in which I fought to take off the case. Now take a second to join me in a Moment of Silence...Though the rhinestones can never be replaced, I will honor their short life by Supporting http://www.blingcases.com/ :)

Well Packaged (bubble wrap envelope and Styrofoam peanuts for protection)
Arrived in Excellent Condition
Included Business Cards and Sweet Talk wipes--> for more on that Click Here
Affordable prices
Durable Cases

Shipping took longer than expected (Please view "Note")
Cases are difficult to take off

Shipping was longer than expected due to an unfortunate incident, I do not hold any grudges and encourage you to visit their site. Furthermore http://www.blingcases.com/ 
ships all orders out on the same or next day and have been known for their fast shipping.****

I definitely recommend this site! Thanks for Reading, and Remember to view their site for more :) http://www.blingcases.com/ 

Special Thanks to:
Robin M. (President of http://www.blingcases.com/) for allowing me to Review her Company and their Products.

Although I received these products for free, my opinions are in no way affected by this, I remain true to everything I believe and bring honesty and sincerity to everything I write.

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