Saturday, March 31, 2012


Hey loves, to roundup the day here's another product review. Now, I know the title gives it away but you may not know the following. For instance, did you know Truvia is the first natural sweetner? Made from Stevia leaves, Truvia can be added to food our drink. Like I've done for the past weeks, using it in kool-aid, teas,and smoothies. It's just simply delicious :) Nothing, not even Splenda! Don't believe me? Here's a treat :)

The following recipe is one of my very own, I hope you try and enjoy.

Rasp-Tastic Berry Smoothie
Ingredients: 2% Reduced Fat Milk, organic yogurt, Raspberries, Truvia, ice and banana.
Directions: begin by dropping a few ice cubes in the mixer followed by the banana, raspberries and yogurt. Quickly mix, add milk and pour about half of one Truvia packet. Blend together, and enjoy. I occasionally also add blueberries too.

Don't like my recipe? No worries Truvia has some delicious ones for you--> Now that you know my delicious treat, And where to find more, here are a few product details. Truvia is a zero calorie sweetner, made naturally from Stevia leaves which is great for diabetics and health nuts like me :) But best of all, it's available in large sizes for example; 40 count, 80 count, 140 count and even in spoonable form across the nation at mass retailers!!!! So what are you waiting for? Try it today! You won't regret it:)

Thanks for reading-.MAKEmeUPLamour

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Disclaimer: Although I received this product for free, through Influenster's Voxbox program. My opinions are in No way affected. I remain true to everything I believe and bring honesty to my posts.

Venus Olay Razor

Hey loves, its time for another review featuring Gillette's latest. Drum roll please, Gillette Venus Olay Razor! Unaware of this product? No worries, I've got the deets ;) Venus' 5 blade razor has been known for getting the closest shave but now with Olay moisture bars you receive much more. For they contain skin-enhancing elements like petrolatum and glycerin guaranteeing to lock in moisture and achieve goddess glow. Simply wet and shave. No separate shave cream required, but that's not all. The best is yet to come...the price! Gillette Venus& Olay Razor runs for about $8.99-$10.99 depending where its purchased.

But enough of that let's review, Gillette has always been know for satisfaction guaranteed. However, I was not impressed. It maybe due to the fact I was expecting something amazing or because I compared this to the Gillette Venus Embrace from the very start. Either way, once again I was disappointed. This did not give me a close shave nor a smooth and moisturized feel. I had to use a small layer of shaving cream to receive the desired feel. However, a few things I did love are; the pivoting head, design and durability. But the biggest and best of it all is the packaging!!! Love, love, love it! It's simply amazing, everything from the design to the accessibility is great! Both eye catching and sleek or in other words, clear standout! There isn't anything that can compare, package wise :)

Thanks for reading loves! -MAKEmeUPLamour
Rate: 3/10
Package Rate: 10/10 :)

Extra Product Information: (1) Venus & Olay Replacement cartridge costs between $8.99- $10.99 The 3 pack replacement cartridge costs between $14.99 - $ 19.99 Both the razor and cartridges can be found at food, drug and convenience stores throughout the U.S. For more info visit,

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Disclaimer: Although I received this product for free, through Influenster's Voxbox program, my opinions are in No way affected by this. I remain true to everything I believe and bring honesty and sincerity to my posts.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Kiss Nail Dress

Good Evening loves, I'm finally back to share my thoughts on...well as you can see from the title, Kiss Nail Dress.

Before we begin, let me first express my initial excitement. I simply couldn't wait, I have never been more anxious, or giddy to try a product like this before. And that is no exaggeration. I even began to think of names for my future manicure. Silly, I know, but I couldn't help it. I was certain this product would be great, boy was I ever wrong. These nail polish strips are no walk in the park! It truly must take some sort of skill, for a miscalculation can cost you more than an uneven application. Its strong enough to remove your polish!!! No joke! I've never struggled with any nail product as much as I did this.
But nevertheless, Kiss does score some points for their idea, designs and affordability. Its a bit above the rest, for I have yet to see Sally Hansen invent nail polish strips with rhinestones like mine (Nail strips in cocktail). However, here's a suggestion; Stick to solid patterns, avoid rhinestones! Sorry, but rhinestones are not your friend. Its quite difficult to get an even and easy application when rhinestones are hard to file. This leads to nail strip to elevate and in turn cause torn ends. Not cute! I'm sure there are those who found the application, design, and idea to be marvelous and or spectacular. For those of you who did or simply want to know more the following product information is for you :)

Kiss Nail Dress Product information: Available in 18 different styles, from solid to patterns. If you're looking for something bold, try Peplum, odd name but this little number is perfect. For the deep black embodies a classic while the multicolored 3 dimensional Gems gives it just the pop of color you need.Application is simple, simply Peel, apply and shape can be used on either finger nails or toes, or why not both! Trust me you'll have plenty for both, for each packet contains 28, that's correct 28 nail strips! If that's not enough for you, they promise these nail strips last up to 10 days! Which is great for its right on point with that claim. Try it today for the low price of $6.99, available at your local Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens.

Overall: Great concept bad execution.
Rate: 3/10

Thanks for reading, MAKEmeUPLamour
For more info visit

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Disclaimer: Although I received these products for free, through Influenster's voxbox program, my opinions are in no way affected. I remain true to everything I believe and bring honesty, and sincerity to everything I write.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Mail Haul: Free Samples for the Week of 3/5

Hey loves, I know you've all been waiting for this day. Believe me, I couldn't wait to show you. If you follow me on Twitter you know I tweeted a sneak peek earlier this week. So be sure to follow me for more exclusives @MAKEmeUPLamour Now that's out fo the way, here's what I received :)

WARNING!!! The Following Photo is the Worse I've Ever Taken!! 

1) Pull- Ups Big Kid Central Potty Training Success DVD - I was actually shocked when I saw this in my mailbox for I didn't think i would receive this. I was absolutely sure that I had typed something wrong.

2) Schick Hydro Silk Razor- This is a Facebook Freebie, now I know I've mentioned this before but I LIKE Schick on Facebook, you Won't REGRET it!! The are always offering great deals and freebies:)

3) Painted Earth Skincare Samples in Protective Restoration Age Defying Eye Moisturizer and their Peptide Eye Gel -I don't know much about this company but from what I do know, they focus on providing safe and natural cosmetics. Be sure to check out their site

4) Tom's Natural Children's Silly Strawberry Toothpaste- Came with a note card about the product, if you want to know more visit their Facebook page

5/6) Two 5 Hour Energy Drinks in Pomegranate- i hate yet to try these but they look tasty, if i do end up liking them 5 Hour energy also provided me with coupon codes for 10% off any online order.

7) Nozin Nazal Sanitizer- I hadn't heard of this but apparently they're swab ampules to kill germs. So I am handing it off to my mother, she's a bit ill right now. :/

8) Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel- When I heard CVS was offering this I just had to jump on it. For CVS rarely offers freebies. Truly can't wait to try this

9) Mark. - These were sent to me by a Mark. Rep who was kind enough to provide the following, Calming Effect Comforting Milk Cleanser, Whipped Up Body Butter, Three's a Charm 3-in-1 Body Cleanser, Min-A- Real Foundation, Help Wated Anti Acne Exfoliating cleanser, and Break out Anti Acne Gel Lotion in Apple Cinnamon

10) Burt's Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream and Coupon- I find this to be a cute coupon

11) Tide Pods Sample- I'm a bit disappointed with this freebie, I thought it would have a least more than one pod but unfortunately it didn't. Either way, I hope this product works.

12) MegaRed Krill Oil Samples- Came with 3 softgels and information abut the product as well as with a dollar off coupon.

But that's not all here are some samples/ prizes that weren't shown above. To begin Sundown Naturals Fish oil Capsules, Ecover Laundry Detergent and's Bioelements Sample Pack with Moisture Positive Cleanser, Moisture X 10, Crucial Moisture. The sample pack also came with other brands/products Cellex-c Betaplex Clear Complexion Mask, Lerosett Gunilla Of Sweden Mask, Colorscience Pro loose Mineral Travel Puff in A Taste of Honey. Well that's all for this week, I hope you all enjoined. Be sure to follow my tweets to score some great freebies. -MAKEmeUPLamour

Exciting Hard Candy News!!

Hey loves, I know long time no posts but I plan to make it up to you :) Nevertheless I have some truly exciting news, I was informed this morning via Facebook that I won Hard Candy's Facebook Giveaway! How amazing is that? I never expected to win, but am truly thankful.

Here are the other winners:
Carey Hill, Christina O'Brien, Enrique Valquez, Denise Frey, Wynafer Cabural Gordon, Lisa Grasssetti, Laura Royal, Sarma Hussain and Beth Burr.


If you didn't enter or weren't aware of their Giveaway, no worries Hard Candy says, "More Giveaways to come!!" So I highly encourage you to LIKE them on Facebook,!/pages/Hard-Candy/129088146300 Lastly, I will definitely share pics and a post with you when my prize arrives:) Thanks for stopping by-MAKEmeUPLamour

Friday, March 2, 2012

Mail Haul: Freebies for the week of February 27th

Hey loves,I hope you all had a wonderful week. I know mine was a bit hectic but overall not too bad. Well at least freebie wise. Here are this Week's freebies. Enjoy! :)

I hope the picture quality is better than the last, nevertheless I typed up a list of all the goodies:)
1) Prilosec OTC sample- only 2 tablets but definitely useful

2) Milk Matters Coloring book- I ordered this formy niece, it's actually quite nice. Plenty of information, as well asjust as many pages to fill those coloring needs:)

3) Fiber Choice Weight Management Chewable Tablets- I actually did not know this was the Weight Managment tablets, but I amjust as excited to try. I mean who doesn't love a good cravings control product.

4) StriVectin Get Even Brightening Serum- I'm surprised I even received this, StriVectin was offering this freebie to only a certain amount of  Facebook Fans. Lucky, I was chosen to receive this 2 Week Sample and I simply can't wait to try it.

5) Sebamed Hand &Nail Balm Moisturizing Lotion- Unfortunately this was not a free sample, It's prize I won for simply answering a question on their Facebook page.So please LIKE them on Facebook and keep an eye on their page for Contests.

6) Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer- Here's a freebie I received thanks to Influenster and Proactiv, I thought it would be a simple sample size but it's actually the FULL Size product! :)

7) Barista Prima Coffeehouse Keurig Sample Pack- Barista was having a free sample of their new Keurig Coffee Cups back in January. I signed up and received one, as you can tell from the photo above I have already used one. It actually wasn't that bad. Be sure to like them on Facebook for more special offers and freebies.

8) Obestrim Weightloss Pills- This is a freebie I actually don't remember requesting but I'm not offended. I could use this  :)

9) Invisible Glass Wipes- I've heard great things about this product so I decided to request a sample, if you're going to request one be prepared to wait awhile before you actually receive it. I believe I requested this back in December, and am barely receiving it!! Wow, awful! But it didcome with coupons and rebate forms.

10) Rx Gentle Cleanser - Here's another freebie that came from facebook, more specifically YouBeauty. It's just a week's worth but I will definitely use this. For it claims to improve uneven skin tone as well as diminished dark spots. Awesome, right?

11) Universal Real Gains Weight Gainer in Strawberry Ice Cream- I ordered thisfor my brither,and he absolutely loves this. I just love the smell, another thing about this is it is definitely a large sample! sure to last awhile :)

12) Teatulia Tea Sample in Tulsia Infusion Tea - Love, love, love this! Teatulia is definitely a new brand for me but I will definitely purchase this. Just have to do a google search first. :)

13) Poise Pad Sample Pack- For some reason I expected this to be a small,  simple sample but it actually came with 2 large pads. As well as coupons!

14) 2 Packets of KYK Energy- These are just simple on the go packets,have yet to try them. But I knowone thing. There's hardly anything in them!!! :/

Ok loves, that's all for this week. I hope next week is another truly awesome week and I will be sure to post more Free Samples. If I don't remember to follow me on Twitter for all the latest samples. Thanks for stopping by -MAKEmeUPLamour