Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's A BigTimeTeez

We've all had late night thoughts. Mine, however are always revolved around makeup or the next best thing, graphic tees. I own quite a few, ten to be exact. As an amateur collector, I'm always searching for something unique, funny and best of all affordable. So when one of my late night searches lead me to an etsy store, I immediately fell in love. Beginning with their "Control Freak" tee which is both well made and super cheeky. I couldn't believe what I found next "BaZnGa" Anyone who truly knows me, knows I simply love Big Bang Theory. Now if they would only make a Soft Kitty tee* Please be sure to check out their online site, and take advantage of their T-shirt of the Day Sale 

Thanks for Reading,

 Soft Kitty Tee* = Big Bang Theory Reference referring to Sheldon's Character who loves to hear someone sing "Soft Kitty" to him whenever he's feeling sick or can't sleep.

Monday, July 28, 2014

OPI Please Be Mine

It's been said there's a product line for every woman. Some of us are lipstick gals, others prefer lashes.As always it's safe to say, I'm a woman and am entitled to change my mind. Since my lash separation, I've become more of a nail polish consumer. Spending most of my shopping sprees on the latest collections. There's one polish I've never been able to acquire, OPI's Dulce De Leche. This gorgeous shade, is the perfect nude with just the right hint of mauve. Any neutral* would know she must possess this idea in order to complete any collection. So when I found this at Target, I knew I had to have it. However, as always I found it difficult to buy. Especially being that I had just left Ulta. I resisted the urge and left only to have a huge sense of loss and regret. There is however an upside, upon searching Ulta's website I found it available at my local store. This among their Summer glam set are at the top of my next shopping list.How About you, Do you own or love this product? And Of course why? Thanks for stopping by, MAKEmeUPLAMOUR Neutral*= One who loves neutral polishes or colors. Thus showing favouritism and or solely wearing those shades.

Personal Woes and Lashes To Store

A year. The longest I've been apart from you dears. I've missed this and so much more. Let's indulge in the thing we love most, beauty. During this time, I've gone through changes and growth. Something I hope to share with you is my nee found confidence. For now I'm so thankful for those who stayed and enjoyed my earlier posts. Truly means more than words. Love and makeup! MAKEmeUPLamour