Sunday, July 31, 2011

Good Morning!!! :)

Hey loves, just wanted to write a quick review on . For those of you who haven't heard of this company, here's a quick introduction..

*Five Dollar Divas is a online site dedicated to those fashionistas on a budget. Their prices range from $1 to $5. Which is Fantastic!! They have a large selection of items, all of which can be viewed on their site, (listed Above) or simply CLICK HERE

What I received...
Stars galore necklace set (comes with earrings)
Sequin bow headbands (in Green)
Metal bangle (in Blue)
Fancy CZ teardrop dangle (in Pink)

 All items are individually sealed (As seen above) and although they cost very little, the quality of them is amazing. I've had these items for about a month now, and let me tell you, they still look the same way they did when I first received.

Overall Great Customer Service and response time. However, processing took a bit longer than expected. Where as shipping, was only 5 days.But other than that, this site is amazing and I would definitely recommend this company to those of you who are looking for great quality items, at low prices.

Thanks for Reading, and Please visit

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Heather Happ, for allowing me to this review.

Although I received these products for free, my opinions are in no way affected by this, I remain true to everything I believe and bring honesty and sincerity in everything I write.

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