Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Crystalized Obession

Hey Loves! As most of you know, I am in love with the Etsy Shop--> Crystal Stylez. And although I have yet to officially introduce this company, most of you are well aware of my fondness for them. Here are the 3 Latest additions to Crystal Stylez and my Latest Obsessions:)

1) Locked Up chain Earrings   ($25)

Locked Up Chain Earrings

I recently fell in love with these while viewing OneBKDiva 's recent Youtube Video--> Check it out for yourself and see OneBKDiva rocking them, while looking gorgeous and Talking about some Interesting but Weird Facts.

2) Basketball Wives Inspired Chocolate Bliss  ($25)

Basketball Wives Inspired Chocolate Bliss

Aren't this just amazing? They look so gorgeous and will definitely make you sparkle. These are a definite MUST HAVE! :)

3) Basketball Wives Inspired Golden Glory  ($25)

Basketball Wives Inspired Golden Glory

This lovely shade of brown will definitely make you feel like the Queen of the Ball when wearing the simplest of clothes or preparing for a night out.

For more info on these or others simply Head on over to and BUY YOURS NOW!
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Stay Chic with Chic Headbands

Seeking to be unique, stylish, and fashionable? Well look no further, Chic Headbands is your new go to site. Created by Eve DeLoach, Chic Headbands seeks to fill your needs with a wide variety of options. But that's not all, Eve also makes custom orders to ensure you stand out from the crowd. And best of all they suit all ages...newborns to adults. Need I say more? Simply head on over to Chic Headbands and Buy or Custom Order Yours NOW!

Here's a preview of what you may find :)

Vintage Black & White Demask Headband

Modern vintage black and white demask headband with a purple plum colored flower and black leafs 

Vintage Turquoise & Brown Headband

vintage turquoise, brown and white headband with a hot pink flower and white lace for leafs

 Shabby Chic Cheetah Print Headband

Shabby chic cheetah print headband with a chocolate brown flower and cream leafs

Shabby Chic Tiger Print Headband

Trendy shabby chic yellow and black tiger print headband with a chocolate dark brown flower and black leafs

For those of you in the Halloween Spirit, Eve Now has a Halloween Collection , YAY!!! :) Thanks For Reading and be sure to visit her Etsy Shop at the following Chic Headbands And Enjoy.

Much Love.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Today's FREE Samples!

Hey loves, As Promised here is another Edition of Free Samples. Hope you all enjoy and be sure to Stay tuned for More.

Dark Spot Corrector Sweepstakes - Hurry! Only 150 are being Giving away! Enter here--> Giveaway ends October 5, 2011. Must be 18 yrs or older to Enter and win a Full Size Dark Spot Corrector!!! Hurry & Enter Now!!!

Papaya Purifying Enzyme Mask - June Jacobs Spa Collection offers this to their Facebook Fans, but only to the First 5000! Hurry & Get yours Now!!

 Thanks for your love, support, and Comments

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Free Samples Anyone??

Hey loves, I truly missed posting Daily Freebies!!! But as promised I'm bringing this Back!!

Tonight's freebies

FREE Carol's Daughter Hold and Control Sample - Apparently this is a NEW Item from Carol's Daughter and Have Limited # of FREE SAMPLES, SO HURRY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!! Allow 4-6 weeks for Delivery

FREE Johnson Ultra Sheen Supreme - This is a great sample and I love their Motto "Rule your hair. Rule the World." And not to mention, this is a 2 oz Flat Iron spray which is mean to protect your hair, help straighten and Add Shine. what more can you ask for?

I hope you enjoyed these Freebies, and Remember to show some love by Leaving a Comment.
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Introducing... Furless Makeup Brushes

Hey Lovelies! In the spirit of having a great weekend, I wish to share  :)

Furless is an Australian Makeup Brush Company devoted to bringing affordable, high quality, chic, cruelty-free Synthetic Brushes. These brushes are ideal for those of you seeking to be more hygenic or simply for those of you who with allergies for this line is also HYPOALLERGENIC! To learn more about this line ---> CLICK HERE

What they offer:

 Single Brushes
Kabuki Bushes
Brush Sets
Brush Rolls
Makeup Cases

As you can see from the list above, Furless has a wide variety when comes to brushes. But did you know,  they also have Makeup! As they say on their site, "Our Furless vegan mineral makeup is cruelty free and fabulous!  We have a great range of colours to suit any taste, and use high quality natural ingredients to give you the glamour without the guilt."

You be the judge, just take a look at what their Makeup Line Consists of:
I highly encourage you to check them out at
or at

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Thanks for Reading and I hope you enjoined this brief Introduction :) For more info on Upcoming Reviews, Tutorials or Simply on my life Follow me on Twitter

Monday, September 12, 2011

Let's Talk Update :)

Hey loves:) Just wanted to take the time out to write about the upcoming changes. Now for those of you unaware, I often change my blog. For example, the background, fonts and etc. But this Month the changes will be further from the usual.

But my blogs background isn't the only changing. A few of your Favorites are making a comeback!

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There will also be a Few Surprises, So Please stay tuned for that and Thanks for Reading


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Be Stylish With Some Help From

Looking to be stylish? Need great quality at excellent prices? If you answered yes, then I have just the thing for you For those of you unaware, is the leader in stylish and trendy cases. Don't believe me? Simply take a look at their wide variety of affordable and stylish cases HERE

(Left to Right) Heart Pink Bling Case-Freeform 2 & Vine Black Bling Case-Freeform 2 [[To view Full Description, Or for Better Pictures, Simply Click on the Corresponding Name.]]
Now onto the Review :) 
After 2 months of Rocking these stylish Cell phone Cases, I am now finally ready to share my thoughts with all of you. And although they may not all be great, they are true. Shall we begin with their Customer Service? Overall their Customer Service was beyond excellent, it was simply Marrrvelous Darrrling :) I have no complaints about that, however when it came to shipping I wasn't so impressed. More like frustrated. For it took almost a month to arrive,and although everything was in tip top shape it seemed a bit too long for me. As far as packaging, I wasn't so impressed either but I did like the use of Styrofoam Peanuts instead of bubble wrap. It's a nice change from the usual. Don't you agree?

As for what I received, well...
Two Cases: Heart Pink Bling Case-Freeform 2 & Vine Black Bling Case-Freeform 2 (As Seen Above),  Business Cards, as well as Sweet Talk Wipes.

As far as the quality of the cases go, they are surprisingly durable. Though at times, they are quite difficult to take off that's no big issue. These cases are truly made to last, and for those of you wondering, most of the rhinestones are still on. Except for the bottom right corner which were lost during the Terrible July Struggle in which I fought to take off the case. Now take a second to join me in a Moment of Silence...Though the rhinestones can never be replaced, I will honor their short life by Supporting :)

Well Packaged (bubble wrap envelope and Styrofoam peanuts for protection)
Arrived in Excellent Condition
Included Business Cards and Sweet Talk wipes--> for more on that Click Here
Affordable prices
Durable Cases

Shipping took longer than expected (Please view "Note")
Cases are difficult to take off

Shipping was longer than expected due to an unfortunate incident, I do not hold any grudges and encourage you to visit their site. Furthermore 
ships all orders out on the same or next day and have been known for their fast shipping.****

I definitely recommend this site! Thanks for Reading, and Remember to view their site for more :) 

Special Thanks to:
Robin M. (President of for allowing me to Review her Company and their Products.

Although I received these products for free, my opinions are in no way affected by this, I remain true to everything I believe and bring honesty and sincerity to everything I write.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Review: Pampered Xombie Cosmetics

Hey loves. It's time for another Review, and as you can tell by the title it's for Pampered Xombie Cosmetics :) For more info on this company Please Continue Reading and Visit their site Now Let's begin :)

Pampered Xombie Cosmetics is a Cruelty Free and FDA approved line which includes Shadows and Glitters. To View their Full list of Shadows CLICK HERE , but that's not all they offer for their shadows can also be used on your Lips, Nails and Face. Personally, I have not tried them on my nails or lips but I am planning to do so. And when I do, you better believe I will share my thoughts with you :) Now I'm sure you're wondering which shadows I received

Items Received:

Warlock- Blue-ish Green Color
Sour Puss- Gold-ish Green Color
Punkadelic- Hot Pink with Purple Undertones
Snozberri- Light Purple
Chocolush- Dark Brown
Puckerface- Yellow
Toxic Bubblegum- Light Purple
All of these Eyeshadows Can be used for your Eyes, Lips, Face & Nails Except for Warlock which Can only be used for Eyes, Face & Nails

Aside from these Shadows I also received a lovely note from the PXC owner, Pammy. In which she explained  how to use these shadows, which was great. Pammy is absolutely wonderful and Completely hands on with EVERYTHING! And I do mean Everything! When it came to Customer Service she was right on it. I received a response in less than a week :) Shipping was also fairly quick. And although I did not receive everything I requested, I am absolutely satisfied with the Shadows I received. For they are true to their colors (seen in the above photo ) and you don't need to pack them on. Furthermore, I am obsessed with their packaging! The Xombie on their Jars is fierce and fabulous!!! Don't you agree?

Lastly, I would Absolutely Recommend this Line to anyone looking for Superb Quality At Excellent Prices. Thanks for reading and Please Visit her site--> 

Special Thanks to:
Pammy (Owner of Pampered Xombie Cosmetics) for allowing me to review her Company.

Although I received these products for free, my opinions are in no way affected by this, I remain true to everything I believe and bring honesty and sincerity to everything I write.