Friday, September 16, 2011

Introducing... Furless Makeup Brushes

Hey Lovelies! In the spirit of having a great weekend, I wish to share  :)

Furless is an Australian Makeup Brush Company devoted to bringing affordable, high quality, chic, cruelty-free Synthetic Brushes. These brushes are ideal for those of you seeking to be more hygenic or simply for those of you who with allergies for this line is also HYPOALLERGENIC! To learn more about this line ---> CLICK HERE

What they offer:

 Single Brushes
Kabuki Bushes
Brush Sets
Brush Rolls
Makeup Cases

As you can see from the list above, Furless has a wide variety when comes to brushes. But did you know,  they also have Makeup! As they say on their site, "Our Furless vegan mineral makeup is cruelty free and fabulous!  We have a great range of colours to suit any taste, and use high quality natural ingredients to give you the glamour without the guilt."

You be the judge, just take a look at what their Makeup Line Consists of:
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or at

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  1. Haven't heard of them before, but thanks for sharing:)