Thursday, June 9, 2011

Review: Model 21 lashes

Hello Lamours, if you follow me on twitter you know I've been meaning to post this but for some weird reason Blogger keeps rejecting my posts-- NOT COOL!! Now that I got that out of the way, time for my latest product review.Are you ready? Here we go:)

Let me begin by saying their CUSTOMER SERVICE is top knotch! I received a response within one business day,from two separate representatives but both quite friendly.

Packaging: This type of packaging is quite simple and not very effective,though this envelope contained bubble wrap my lash box had several dents.

Normally when you order lashes from companies,they come sealed,this was not. All I had to do was remove the top, which makes me feel uneasy for I do not know who may have touch the item, while waiting to be processed.

Lashes: Model 21 False Eyelashes No.6T

I am aware these lashes look "DRAMATIC" but I assure you they are not, they're quite NATURAL,drawing subtle attention to your eyes.I'm sure your wondering about the price, well they are only $7.95, which is an excellent deal for the box comes with 10 pairs of lashes!!
 Application: Easy to maneuver, and stay in place.

 OVERALL THOUGHTS: I believe this product is worth buying but the Company needs to improve their Packaging. Shipping is excellent, my order was here within 3 days.

"<a href="">False Eyelashes</a> from Model 21 Eyelashes visit the website at"


Disclaimer: I received this product for FREE for Reviewing purposes, all thoughts are mine.I am NOT being Paid nor Sponsored by this Company

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