Thursday, August 25, 2011

Alexeter Mineral Eyeshadows- Summer Collection

Good Afternoon.Today's review will be on Alexeter Minerals. Most of you may or may not know them, if you don't. Simply CLICK HERE 


(Sorry for the Awful Photo Quality)
As you can see, Jen (Owner of Alexeter Mineral Makeup) takes alot of time and effort into the packaging. Which is always great to see.

Before I begin with the review, Here are the Eyeshadows I received. (As Seen Below)
1st Row: Bloom (Lovely Peach color), Beach Heat (Red)
2nd Row: Fresh Whisper (Mint color), Babbling Brook (sky Blue)
3rd Row: Romp (Light Green)

Now onto the review :)
There are numerous things to say about this collection as well as the company. Lets begin with their Customer Service.

For starters Customer Service is Superb!!!! Jen (Owner) is absolutely amazing, and hands on with everything from the customers to the website and everything else in between. :) One of which is packaging, although it was shipped in an average envelope the packaging was simply amazing (As seen in the above photos), for everything was Well detailed and Thoughtfully placed. Along with the Eyeshadow samples, I also received a few surprises. A hand written note from Jen, which included information on the items provided as well as information on the company. If you're wondering, shipping was about average which was a week. Now onto the Eyeshadow Samples.

Colors Received: (As seen Above)
1st Row: Bloom (Lovely Peach color), Beach Heat (Red)
2nd Row: Fresh Whisper (Mint color), Babbling Brook (sky Blue)
3rd Row: Romp (Light Green)

Great Colors
Cleverly Named
Excellent Pigmentation
100% dye, preservative, and chemical free!!!
Not Tested on Animals
Reflects light
Brings out the color in your eyes

Less Shimmer would be best
Need More Colors, specifically more neutrals

Special Thanks To: Jen (Owner of Alexeter Minerals Makeup) for allowing me to Review these amazing eyeshadows.

Although I received these products for free, my opinions are in no way affected by this, I remain true to everything I believe and bring honesty and sincerity to everything I write.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Introducing Pure Bliss Minerals

Good Evening Lovelies. I'm sure most of you are well aware of my current busy schedule, which leaves little to no time to update you on any Mail Hauls, Reviews, or other interesting occurrences and for this I sincerely apologize.

Now onto the introduction.

Pure Bliss Minerals was started by Deanne who wanted to provide an all natural, healthy makeup line. Her products are not only safe and effective for all skin types but also affordable, a full list of her products along with descriptions and pictures can be found at

Pure Bliss Minerals is an all natural mineral makeup line made from 100% inorganic minerals. Which are non-comdogenic (will not clog or stretch out your pores), inorganic and dry; bacteria cannot grow in them.

Mineral ingredients
Titanum Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Sericite, Rose Powder, Kosher, Grade Rice Powder, Mica, Kaolin Clay.

Safe and effective coverage for all skin types
Skin allergies, skin sensitivity, skin discoloration (redness, Rosacea...) skin damage and acne, as well as oily and dry skin types.

> Want more info? Read the following :)

Pure Bliss Minerals ARE oil-free, preservative-free, Vegan minerals.
***Products are not tested on animals***

> Are there Benefits to using Pure Bliss Minerlas? YES!!!

-pure, natural ingredients
-lightweight -quick/easy application
-natural/radiant finish -all day coverage
-non-dehydrating -safe for all skin types
-work in all climates -natural SPF coverage
-foundation acts as an anti-inflammatory

> Does Pure Bliss Minerals contain any harmful ingredients?
They NEVER contain; fillers, synthetic dyes, parafens, Bismuth Oxy Chloride, oils or perfumes.

For further information on the company, simply head on over to and Thanks for Reading :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Are you a Hello Kitty Holic?

Hey loves,

I'm sure you're wondering what the title is all about, well there's a simple answer now has numerous Hello Kitty Items to choose from. Don't believe me? Click Here!

But First here's a sneek peek :)

Cute Hello kitty Compact Plastic Make-up Vanity Mirror- $2.43

Cute Hello kitty Compact Plastic Make-up Vanity Mirror

Cute Hello Kitty Ellipsoid Contact Lenses Cleaner Case Box Set- $3.54

Cute Hello Kitty Ellipsoid Contact Lenses Cleaner Case Box Set

Hello Kitty 3.5mm Cartoon Retractable In-ear Earbuds Earphone KT-$3.48

Hello Kitty 3.5mm Cartoon Retractable In-ear Earbuds Earphone KT

Hello Kitty Cleaning Brush and Cloth Kit for Laptop/PC- $2.61

Hello Kitty Cleaning Brush and Cloth Kit for Laptop/PC

Hello Kitty Style Keychain Lock and Key Set- $2.23

Hello Kitty Style Keychain Lock and Key Set

To view the rest of their available items, Click Here! And have fun shopping :)


Hello lovelys, I hope you are all ready for the cute-ness coming your way. If you haven't heard has some of the best items out there. Many of which are unbelievably inexpensive and definitely worth your while.

If you're not convinced, then simply click the link above, OR CLICK HERE!

You can also view a few of their new items on my designated tab "Wishlist: Edition" but please stay tuned for more posts on this and so much more.

Thanks for Reading,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mail Haul- Sappho Cosmetics #2/ First Impressions

Hey lovelys.
I'm sure most of you are wondering why I'm doing another Mail Haul on this company,and well the truth of the matter is I previously received the wrong package! But all is well now and as of this morning I received this. (See Below)

To be quite honest my very first impressions of this company weren't so great but this has changed my mind for the better. For Everything is well packaged, Protected with both bubble wrap and foam peanuts.

Not to mention the fact that the packaging is cute, simple and to the point. With only one exception, I wish their blush and foundation had the company logo.

Now onto what I received:
Ravishing Rachel Liquid Foundation
Lisa Liquid Foundation
Luscious Leisha Powder Foundation
Fleur Blush
Eyeshadows in Pick Purple, Dream, Coastal, Chambrelle, Cliff, Midnight Escapade Matte, Sweet Hailey
Blush in Bronze Goddess
Lip Gloss in Perfect Plum

Thanks for reading and as always my Full review on all of these products will be up at the end of the month.