Sunday, November 11, 2012

Length and Volume Please

Ever crave doll lashes? I know, I do! Never fear, you're friendly Beauty Blogger is here. Discover long, voluminous lashes that you'll treasure and adore with Covergirl's Lash Blast 24hr Mascara. Ideal for any gal looking to score length and curl, with lasting power. But that's not all, this Mascara provides the perfect wand needed for separation and zero clumps. What more could you ask for? Runny mascara is no longer an issue, use alone or pair with another fave. However, this isn't without it's flaws. Beginning with the smell, definitely a powerful one. This usually makes me tear up, so if you hate overpowering products this sure is one to avoid. Not to mention the lifespan being quite short. Dries out quickly, something I definitely don't love. Lastly, the paraben issue. I'm currently trying to be absolutely paraben free and learning that this isn't, is definitely a blow. But all in all great product.

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