Sunday, November 11, 2012

DETOX, It's Good!

In a world filled with lies and false promises, Natural beauty has never been more obtainable, introducing DETOX Skin Intervention. A completely natural skincare line aimed to ensure only the finest products with noticeable results. Produced mainly with Dead Sea Salt, this completely amazing discovery has tremendous credibility. As claims are everywhere but DETOX really does deliver. Take their Dead Sea Salt Mud mask for example which drastically improved my skin in only one use. Dealing with everything from my combination skin to breakouts, it's my absolute necessity. I simply don't want to live without it. So let's review!

Forget the days of dull skin, the Dead Sea Salt Mud Mask not only is Extremely smooth, but provides excellent results, and great on acne. Simply use as a spot treatment or all over and see the dramatic results. As far as moisture goes, the clear winner- Detox Moisturizing Lotion. Definitely lives up to the name, with its thick consistency you're guaranteed baby skin. Although this needs no companion a great prep for it is the Coffee Scrub. I've only used this once, but I did love the feel. However not more than the Dead Sea Salt Mud Mask. ;) But if you're in need of a trip? Why not take a trip to hydration land with the Hydration Lotion. You'll discover the ultimate must, as it's ideal for those of us with dry, rough skin. You'll feel a complete skin renewal. But why not purify as well with the Purifying Toner . Although meant for acne prone skin as well as other skin issues, I find it to be too strong. However, I love this on my eczema! Reduced redness and irritation within minutes. Highly recommend! If eczema isn't the issue, then let's talk Eye Revive ideal for fine lines and puffiness, and noticeably true. Lastly my all time favorite and current obsession, the Lip Therapy. I've talked about this before, it's all in all my go to lip balm. Dry, cracked lips stay away, you've meet your match!

Overall, I love their line and I don't even mind the smell. If you love the ocean, you'll love the fresh and lively scent these products carry.

Thanks for reading & a HUGE Thank You to DETOX owner, Heather. You're continued support and patience with this review has been outstanding. Also Happy Belated Birthday! Xoxo, MAKEmeUPLamour


  1. Awww that is so nice, thanks! Glad you are enjoying!

    1. No, Thank you. I wouldn't have had the opportunity to try these products without your kindness. So again, Thank you. Please let me know of any promo deals/ discounts so I can publish another post as well as update this one.

  2. Here is a new promo code