Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kiss Ever PRO Lash Starter Kit

Lashes? Yes, please! It's no secret, I have a lash addiction so discovering new and different brands as well as products is my new favorite thing.
The Kiss Ever PRO Lash Starter Kit is one of them,and although I was completely excited to try it, I had my doubts. Kiss, isn't particularly a brand I would turn to for lashes but I'm happy to say; I will now turn to you. This kit has completely and utterly changed my opinion, for the quality of not only the product but the complete packaging is simply superb! This easy at home starter kit comes complete with eyelashes, glue and of course applicator so let's review!

As far as the lashes go, I think they're great. Neither flimsy nor stiff, definitely made with quality and human hair. Something I'm not entirely certain about, but I'll definitely do some research. Next is the Latex Free lash glue. Normally the glue provided with any lashes are well, not the best. It's nothing against the companies but often times it seems as though they focus solely on the quality of the eyelashes. Kiss takes a different approach. Their glue is mind blowing! I never expected the payoff and hold from a drugstore glue like this one. However it claims to dry clear, a claim that lacked results but no deal breaker. Lastly, the eyelash applicator. All I have to say is, for a beginner it's great. For someone more experienced, you definitely don't need this. Or at least, I didn't.
Overall, this kit is great for beginners or full blown experts, and you'll definitely want more.

Thanks for reading, be sure to purchase yours at your local Walmart for $4.99 , to learn more about the Kiss Ever Pro Starter Kit visit

Disclaimer: Although I received this product for free through Influenster's Voxbox program, my opinions are in no way coached. I remain truthful and provide solely honest reviews.

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