Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Always Radiant Infinity

During my ten plus years of menstruation, I've tried several,no numerous. Pad Brands. Yet no matter how many I try, I always find myself returning to one. Always. No, really. Always Pads have worked well for me. And I'm not just saying that, I truly mean it. Their trustworthy and always reliable products as well as price keep me one loyal, and leak free customer! :) So when Influenster included the Always Radiant Infinity pads in their latina voxbox, I simply jumped for joy. For you see the New Always Radiant Infinity pads include a unique technology that provides comfort to each individual shape as well as premium protection. And I love it! They've made me the happiest girl in the world. Here's why.

·Cute packaging
·Excellently priced
·Easy Disposal
·Great Length
·Scented ( a bit strong but not overbearing)
·Definitely doesn't feel like a diaper

And last but not least, excellent absorbency! Simply perfection,
As for the other Always products, which include tampons, liners and wipes. Well, they not only meet our girly standards with cute packaging but range in quality pricing. Have any doubts? Simply stop by your local store and see for yourself. Prices may vary, please view below. Finally, I highly recommend this product and encourage you to check it out.

Always Radiant infinity (16 pack) $3.99-$5.49

Always Radiant Infinity (32 pack) $7.49-$9.49

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Although I received this product for free from my opinions are in no way affected. I remain true to myself and share my very own opinion.

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