Saturday, March 31, 2012

Venus Olay Razor

Hey loves, its time for another review featuring Gillette's latest. Drum roll please, Gillette Venus Olay Razor! Unaware of this product? No worries, I've got the deets ;) Venus' 5 blade razor has been known for getting the closest shave but now with Olay moisture bars you receive much more. For they contain skin-enhancing elements like petrolatum and glycerin guaranteeing to lock in moisture and achieve goddess glow. Simply wet and shave. No separate shave cream required, but that's not all. The best is yet to come...the price! Gillette Venus& Olay Razor runs for about $8.99-$10.99 depending where its purchased.

But enough of that let's review, Gillette has always been know for satisfaction guaranteed. However, I was not impressed. It maybe due to the fact I was expecting something amazing or because I compared this to the Gillette Venus Embrace from the very start. Either way, once again I was disappointed. This did not give me a close shave nor a smooth and moisturized feel. I had to use a small layer of shaving cream to receive the desired feel. However, a few things I did love are; the pivoting head, design and durability. But the biggest and best of it all is the packaging!!! Love, love, love it! It's simply amazing, everything from the design to the accessibility is great! Both eye catching and sleek or in other words, clear standout! There isn't anything that can compare, package wise :)

Thanks for reading loves! -MAKEmeUPLamour
Rate: 3/10
Package Rate: 10/10 :)

Extra Product Information: (1) Venus & Olay Replacement cartridge costs between $8.99- $10.99 The 3 pack replacement cartridge costs between $14.99 - $ 19.99 Both the razor and cartridges can be found at food, drug and convenience stores throughout the U.S. For more info visit,

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