Thursday, January 5, 2012

Love Note

Good Afternoon Gorlz! I hope you had a lovely holiday season filled with fun, family and friends. But let's get down to the topics at hand. I'm sure you're all wondering why I misspelled the word "Girls" well, I came up with a New name for all of my loyal fans. Are you ready for it's meaning?

First, here's a fun fact: Gorlz is made up of 2 words, can anyone guess what they could possibly be. Don't worry take you're time....Ok, give up?

It's (Drumroll) Gorgeous Dollz! Isn't it just lovely? I sure think so. This year let's focus on true beauty. Was it that you ask. Well true beauty is anything and everything that makes you, you! Let's focus more on our inner beauty by focusing on ourselves as well as others. Let's change the world, starting with your local charities. Take the time to learn more for 2012 is Here and We are Ready.

Stay Beautiful

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  1. Thanks for posting this, I was wondering what your "Gorlz" Tweet was all about. -Lisa