Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Simply Superb, Simply Hydroxatone

Hydroxatone, I think I love you. Your customer service is beyond compare, and your representatives are truly helpful. I would know, I recently won the Hydroxatone Anti Aging BB Cream. Now normally I'm an easy customer, but this time I'll admit I was truly annoying. I did not respond to emails in a timely matter but thankfully I had an amazing and quite patient representative. She not only shipped out my prize at an amazing rate but also sent a note. A thought which is always great to include.

Unfortunately the product was not my shade but no fault of hers, she did ask me to reconsider. Now, had I responded in a timely matter I would have received the perfect match. Nevertheless, this amazing rep came through offering to send me the correct shade. There was truly no need but yet again Hydroxatone and most importantly Dori came through! Thank you.

(Picture of my New &Correct Shade Below)

Special Thanks To Dori, you truly deserve an Employee of The Month Award for your patience and customer satisfaction is above the rest.

Xoxo, MAKEmeUPLamour

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  1. I am so happy you love your Anti-Aging BB Cream! That's what matters. Also, we do have an Employee of the Month award here at our monthly company meetings (which just so happens to be today) but I haven't won yet!

    1. Thanks to your service I will! Best of luck today! Sending positive vibes your way! :)