Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hey dolls:) It's time to review the Gillette Venus ProSkin Razor (Seen Below) which most of you saw on My 1st Influenster VoxBox Post. If you didn't no worries, simply click the title and off you go:)

Venus ProSkin

Now for those of you who have seen or heard of this but aren't quite sure the product details, here's a little insight just for you:)

The Gillette Venus ProSkin Razor was created with moisture rich shave gel bars to enhance our protection with every stroke. For this product enhances our layer of protection with a triple blend of body butters, but that's not all it also features the trusted Venus three-blade technology for an ultra-close shave everytime. Now let's not forget their rounded pivoting head, which allows you to reach those hard-to-reach places while the ergonomic handle is perfect for great control in wet and soapy environments.

Don't believe the information stated above, well how about some facts!
  • #1-selling female shaving brand globally
  • Dramatically enhances the female shaving experience.
  • Offers every woman smooth, beautiful skin so she can look and feel like a goddess
 Now onto my Review!!!

For this being my very 1st Venus Razor, I can honestly say I Absolutely love it! It definitely makes Shaving feel less of a hassle, and I would highly encourage all of you to TRY THIS!!!! For it's not only easy to use, it definitely moisturizes my skin to a point where I don't even think it's mine! Now that may seem a bit over board but I have tried so many razors, I can't even tell you all of the brands! Which makes this my #1 Go-To Product. However I would suggest using conditioner as a shaving cream to ensure the best results. Here are the steps I take when using this method

1) Choose your Favorite Conditioner
2) Apply the choosen conditioner to your legs, and leave for about a minute
3) After which  run your razor under water
4) begin to shave
5) Rinse off an excess conditioner on both your legs, and the razor

And That's how I shave, try it if you wish or Simply stick to your method :) Either or is fine but Remember For more info on this product Visit
 Also Remember to view My 1st Influenster VoxBox to learn more about the products I received, ,as well as how you can earn your way to qualifying for one.

Although I received these products for free, through the Influenster's VoxBox Program my opinions are in no way affected by this, I remain true to everything I believe and bring honesty and sincerity to everything I write.

 Thanks for Reading

p.s. Here's my Rate for the Gillette Venus Proskin Razor Rate: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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