Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let's Talk Sweets

Tonight's tasty delight is one that was created for you with love and passion, Sweets Cosmetics. This  company was created by two friends who sought to explore and discover. Beginning with a simple Lip Balm in '06, they have since expanded their company into 3 categories:

1) Body
2) Face
3) Sweet Lips
Not only are these products deliciously named but they're good for you too. Sweets promises to NEVER Include:

*Petroleum products
*Artificial colors or fragrances
But that's NOT ALL, They also promise to “make you look 10 years younger after one use.” And who could possibly want to pass that up. ;) Which brings to me to the following, Sweets often donates to local charities continuously supporting young women for they've chosen to do so since their beginnings. This company is not only safe, natural, and  Eco friendly, but also giving. For all these reasons and more I hope you all take the time to view their line and help support.

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