Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Votre Vu Product Review

Good Afternoon Lamours! Today I have a great review for you featuring
Votre Vu Skin Care Samples

These samples were kindly sent to me by Joany Perez (French Skin Care Specialist) earlier this month and I have been trying them since.

Let me start off by saying  Joany Perez was very helpful and tentative to all my inquiries. If you haven't already viewed her videos on YouTube, you definitely should , while on the web please view her site .

Now onto the skin care line,which treats various complexions,such as the ones below. 
As well as strives to suit your skin care needs,though this line is quite expensive it is also flexible to your busy life. Making them truly have a hold on the customers' needs and wants.

*Significant Discount when ordering from Brand Ambassador
Ex: Regenerating Anti-Age Night Creme Retail= $64/ Brand Ambassador= $44.80

As for my experience with these samples,the results were amazing. I noticed a significant improvement after one use. Not to mention the fact they are ingeniously named,which is always a plus

Ex: Calm,Cool, and Collected (Calming cotton Masque)
Portrait Collar (Restorative Neck Creme)

I would definitely recommend this skin line to everyone I know, please view the site below for more

If you're still not convinced this is a terrific line here's one more reason to click the link above

Special Thanks to Joany Perez for allowing me to sample Votre Vu and for being patient I know this review took a bit longer than expected.

*Remember Lamours, if you have any questions or would like me to review a product, simply comment below:) Lamour&Rockets- MAKEmeUPLamour*

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