Friday, August 12, 2011

Introducing Pure Bliss Minerals

Good Evening Lovelies. I'm sure most of you are well aware of my current busy schedule, which leaves little to no time to update you on any Mail Hauls, Reviews, or other interesting occurrences and for this I sincerely apologize.

Now onto the introduction.

Pure Bliss Minerals was started by Deanne who wanted to provide an all natural, healthy makeup line. Her products are not only safe and effective for all skin types but also affordable, a full list of her products along with descriptions and pictures can be found at

Pure Bliss Minerals is an all natural mineral makeup line made from 100% inorganic minerals. Which are non-comdogenic (will not clog or stretch out your pores), inorganic and dry; bacteria cannot grow in them.

Mineral ingredients
Titanum Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Sericite, Rose Powder, Kosher, Grade Rice Powder, Mica, Kaolin Clay.

Safe and effective coverage for all skin types
Skin allergies, skin sensitivity, skin discoloration (redness, Rosacea...) skin damage and acne, as well as oily and dry skin types.

> Want more info? Read the following :)

Pure Bliss Minerals ARE oil-free, preservative-free, Vegan minerals.
***Products are not tested on animals***

> Are there Benefits to using Pure Bliss Minerlas? YES!!!

-pure, natural ingredients
-lightweight -quick/easy application
-natural/radiant finish -all day coverage
-non-dehydrating -safe for all skin types
-work in all climates -natural SPF coverage
-foundation acts as an anti-inflammatory

> Does Pure Bliss Minerals contain any harmful ingredients?
They NEVER contain; fillers, synthetic dyes, parafens, Bismuth Oxy Chloride, oils or perfumes.

For further information on the company, simply head on over to and Thanks for Reading :)

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