Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mail haul- Sappho Cosmetics

Good Evening. if you follow me on luuux, you know that I recently posted a Mail haul on Sappho cosmetics. If you missed it, Click Here  I will be working on a full length review, but for now I'm thinking of writing my first impressions. If you have any suggestions or comments please leave it down below. For more info on the products I received simply click the link.

Thanks for reading <3s


  1. I am writing to apologize - you received the wrong parcel - I sent out about 10 parcels on the same day, this was not meant for revue this was meant for a friend in Nova Scotia . I mixed up the packages and I can't believe it ! If you'd care to wait I will send you our products as how we want them introduced and if you check out other blogs spots you will see what it is we usually mail out. thanks joAnn Fowler for Sappho Cosmetics

  2. That is really nice to know that a company will still send out free samples. And it looks like they are good samples too!
    I have used Sappho foundations and they are just wonderful, all natural with the most amazing feel to them. There is a new foundation called "LISA" I am going to order it right now!! Along with the loose powder.